• Aid the Committee in following campaign finance law where it pertains to contribution, disbursement and reporting activity.
  • Timely and efficiently enter, reconcile, and report contribution and disbursement disclosure information.
  • Prepare and disseminate correspondence when additional information is required from donors.
  • Conduct training seminars for campaigns and organizations on complying with campaign finance and labor laws.


  • Provide full service accounting to accurately track receipts, disbursements, payroll, budgets, cash flow along with bank reconciliations and payables tracking.
  • Reconciliation of financial data with the disclosure reports.
  • Annual reporting of W2, 1099’s, 1120POL, and 990’s.
  • Utilize accounting processes to more efficiently manage and retain financial information.
  • Conduct training seminars on creating and maintaining strong internal protocols, oversight and fraud protection practices.


  • Prepare timely and accurate reports of disclosure information to the FEC, IRS, State, and Local election commissions.
  • Prepare and submit responses to election commission requests for information.


  • Successful fundraising strategies tailored to meet any candidate or committee’s specific needs and goals from Local, state, and federal levels of government.
  • Proven fundraising support through successful call time programs, event planning, and direct mail solicitations.
  • Skilled targeting and prospecting of donor networks of various politically engaged communities.